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What Kind of Outdoor Person Are You?

What Kind of Outdoor Person Are You?

We all have an adventure style, but where do you fit in? Check out our seven different outdoor styles that may or may not be your personality type.

The Animal Enthusiast

People are great and all, but you prefer animals. Close-up sightings of wildlife are the essence of adventure for you. You probably keep binoculars in your glove compartment for occasional sightings. You probably have already traveled to Asia to track down an endangered Sumatran Tiger. You might be an Animal Enthusiast if you can identify badgers tracks with just your sense of smell.

The Do-it-all Dude

You got your start with a triathlon, but there’s more out there. The ideal trip is hiking to the right spot, paddling to another point, climbing to your bike and bungee jumping in between. You might be the Do-it-all Dude if your collection of gear in the garage resembles Scheels.

The Fearless Fanatic

Oh, you want to hold the record for hiking Mount Hua nicknamed “the world’s most dangerous hike” the fastest? And do you disregard any adventure that does not include the description steep, risky or tough? Fearless Fanatics are the Eagle Scouts who tell and tout life-threatening stories about wrestling an alligator or surviving starvation in the Himalayas. You might be a Fearless Fanatic if your first aid kit is only duct tape.

The Fitness Freak

You might have considered doing CrossFit…if being indoors wasn’t for pansies. You might burn 7,543 calories a day and you wouldn’t be caught dead on a hike less than 50 miles. Odds are you’re an ultralight hiker to maximum your push. You might be a Fitness Freak if you have more than one health and wellness app on your phone.

The Family Crew

Video games make you angry, your TV is still black and white and the only electronic your children have are calculators. You probably raised your kids in tents. The crew is family-oriented and only travels with the whole gang in tote. You might be a part of the Family Crew if you pack Barbie band-aids, s’mores and kites.

The Purist

The hottest gadgets for camping are not for you. You camp, climb, swim and run with the bare necessities to keep you grounded. While other people get into the wild outdoors only with the latest and greatest technology, you’re pride and joy is leaving all electronics behind and forgetting your nine to five. You might be a Purist if you think the air tastes funnier in town. Come back next week to find trips and adventures that coincide with your adventure type.