How We Affect Our World

Giving back is in our DNA. Since our inception over 14 years ago, our social and environmental impact has been the guiding force in how we do business.

Our Commitment

We are a dynamic organization, one that evolves in sync with both people and planet. Progressing with a sense of ownership over our impact means we lead by example and contribute beyond what is asked of us. Whether it is providing disaster relief, striving for climate neutrality, or donating to communities in need – we've made it our mission to define success not solely by profit, but by the impact we create on the world and its people.

Empower Human Potential

As we grow and evolve, so does our drive to empower human potential. We’re working to expand our impact from equipping communities with a reliable source of power to helping make the industries we are a part of more inclusive to all.

Community Empowerment

Goal Zero was born from a belief that a lack of resources should never limit human potential. Each year we commit to putting a portion of our profits towards funding projects around the world, from Navajo Nation right in our own backyard to providing relief to people impacted by natural disasters. Our goal is to work with communities to learn about their most critical needs and provide a sustainable source of power to promote their success.

Disaster Relief

For more than a decade we have responded to natural disasters directly with product donations and employee volunteers, as well as partnered with disaster relief organizations to offer discounts to those impacted by long-term power outages.

Community Advocacy

We acknowledge the lack of diversity across race, ethnicity, and gender in the outdoor recreation and tech industries. Moving forward, we’re expanding our impact program to partner with organizations dedicated to enabling access for underrepresented communities in outdoor recreation and increasing youth participation and education in STEM fields.

Labor & Human Rights

We require all our factories to comply with a list of standards around labor and living conditions; health and safety; wage and benefits; and juvenile worker protections. We hire a third party to perform audits and ensure compliance. If factories don’t comply, we work with them to fix it. If they don’t implement the necessary changes, we’ll find a new manufacturing partner.

Tread Lighter, Play Longer

Think enduring, act now: that's how we approach our commitment to achieve a more sustainable way of doing business. We begin by examining each facet of our operations, zeroing in on what's immediately possible, and building on these changes every year.

Climate Action

Taking action to reduce our carbon footprint is crucial. For 2020, our goal was to achieve carbon neutrality for all our inbound and outbound shipments. We achieved this goal by partnering with to offset 100% of carbon emissions generated from all inbound and outbound shipping operations.

Product Lifecycle

Our products present a new way forward in sustainable, portable power and eliminate the need for fume-emitting gas generators. For our power solutions to be truly sustainable, however, we must examine the impact generated every step of the way—from production to packaging to end-of-life. In addition to our ongoing practice of recycling batteries that return to our warehouse, we made progress in 2020 on a new goal to reduce the amount of virgin materials used in our packaging.

Corporate Headquarters

Shifting the sustainability mindset to our immediate environment, we’re looking at the ways in which we can reduce impact throughout our offices and warehouse. To start, we partnered with Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky Energy program in 2020 to support renewable energy generation. As of August 2020, all corporate HQ and warehouse power usage is renewable.

2020 Impact Report

A passion for the outdoors is a driving force for many in our community. We recognize that we must cultivate a sense of ownership over the impact our business has on the environment. While this journey is ever evolving, we refuse to let perfection stand in the way of progress. We are committed to working towards reducing our environmental impact throughout all facets of our business.

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