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TechTuesday_Big Think of the last time you were traveling or camping. Now imagine that trip without your tablet. The words stressful, loud, and tiresome come to mind. Whether you have an iPad, Nexus, Samsung, Nook, kindle, (we could go on and on), charging your tablet with solar power is easier than ever before. Never worry about a dead battery again.

How does it work?sherpa Collect the suns energy with your Solar Panel and store it in the Sherpa 50 power pack. Then, plug in anytime to power your tablet for a few hundred rounds of Angry Birds or Temple Run before bed time. You're still left with enough power to enjoy a movie while the kiddo's sleep!

A full Sherpa 50 Battery pack will recharge an iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Note, Microsoft Surface, and other similar tablets up to 2 times. E-readers like the Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle can recharge up to 10 times!

How many times can the Sherpa 50 recharge my tablet?

iPad 2- 25 Watt hour battery= 2 charges

Kindle Fire-16 Watt hour battery= 2 1/2 charges

Microsoft Surface Pro- 42 Watt hour battery= 1 charge

Galaxy Note 8.0- 18 Watt hour battery= 2 (and some) charges

Nook- 4.6 Watt hour battery= 10 (and some) charges


  • 5 Watt hour battery= 10 charges whats your next family trip now that you know you've got power? LearnMore