Yeti 1500X + (4) Boulder 100 Solar Generator
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Add 3-Year Protection Plan for Yeti 1500x
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3-Year Protection Plan


Long-lasting and reliable, Goal Zero products are built with your needs in mind. Now, on top of the manufacturer’s warranty, you can take advantage of an additional 3 years of coverage provided by NRG Protects Inc. This adds 3 years of protection on to the Yeti PRO for a total of 8 years and 3 years on to the Yeti X for a total of 5 years. It’s an easy way to ensure you can enjoy your product for years with no deductibles and no coverage limits.

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Add 3-Year Protection Plan for Boulder 100 (4x)
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3-Year Protection Plan


Long-lasting and reliable, Goal Zero products are built with your needs in mind. Now, on top of the manufacturer’s warranty, you can take advantage of an additional 3 years of coverage provided by NRG Protects Inc. This adds 3 years of protection on to the Yeti PRO for a total of 8 years and 3 years on to the Yeti X for a total of 5 years. It’s an easy way to ensure you can enjoy your product for years with no deductibles and no coverage limits.

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Yeti 1500X + (4) Boulder 100 Solar Generator -

Add Compatible Accessories to your Yeti 1500X + (4) Boulder 100 Solar Generator

  • Yeti Protection Case Large

    Keep your Yeti 1000 Core/1000X /1500X and Yeti 1000/1400 Lithium Power Station out of the elements
  • Yeti Home Integration Kit

    Keep essential circuits in your home running even when the power isn’t with this easy-to-install ki
  • Boulder Mounting Brackets (4 Pack)

    A simple mounting bracket kit for installing the Boulder 50 or 100 Solar Panels. Comes with four br
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California residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Yeti 1500X + (4) Boulder 100 Solar Generator
Solar Generator
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“Should you lose power in a storm, this compact device can back up a house’s entire power supply through its circuit box. What’s more, it can also serve as an ultra-potent off-grid power bank for overlanding or camping thanks to an array of outlets and USB ports.”

Yeti 1500X + (4) Boulder  Solar Generator HIGHLIGHTS

This solar generator can recharge from the sun in as little as 4 hours.

Solar panels designed for more portable, rugged use, with durable aluminum frame.

A sustainable energy source with no noise and no fumes.

Yeti 1500X Highlights

With a lithium-ion battery at its core, the Goal Zero Yeti X equips you with safe, clean, portable power for camping, tailgating, off-grid events, workshops, and emergency home backup.

Increased 2000W AC (3500W Surge) inverter allows you to run power-hungry devices and appliances with confidence. Our new industry-leading inverter can handle surges from power tools, medical devices, and home appliances, including full-size refrigerators.

Power a wide range of devices with seven different port options including fast-charging 60W USB-C Power Delivery, multiple USB-A ports, regulated 12V, and two 120V AC ports.

Charge the Yeti 1500X from the sun with our portable solar panels while away from the grid and keep it topped off from a wall outlet when you’re home. Integrated MPPT charge controller ensures you’re getting the most efficient solar charge possible.

Monitor, control, and optimize your power usage from anywhere with Yeti App 3.0. Features remote control of power in/out, real-time power consumption notifications, historical power tracking, and charging profiles to optimize your battery life. Learn more about the Yeti App 3.0..



Smart Phone

(12 Wh):

127 recharges


(30 Wh):

51 recharges


(50 Wh):

31 recharges

POV Camera

(5 Wh):

303 recharges

DSLR Camera

(18 Wh):

84 recharges

Head Lamp

(5 Wh):

303 recharges

Light-a-Life 350

(4.5 W):

337 hours

Light Bulb

(11 W):

138 hours


(65 W):

24 hours

Pellet Grill

(60 W):

26 hours


(1000 W):

2 hours

Portable Fridge

(25 W):

61 hours

Mini Fridge

(35 W):

44 hours


  • 4x 100-Watt Solar Panels with built in kickstand
  • Built with strong tempered glass and an aluminum frame with added corner protection.
  • Included is a protective canvas bag for easy transport and carrying.


  • The solar panel does not hold a charge - it only produces power when it is exposed to sunlight and connected to a power station or bank.

  • Optimize solar panel efficiency by positioning them south-facing at a 45-degree angle.

  • For faster recharging, use multiple solar panels.

how it all goes together

Setup is quick and easy. Place the solar panels outdoors in good, direct sunlight. If you have multiple panels, use the Combiner Cables to connect them. Need extra reach? Use the optional Extension Cable to extend your range. The cables and connecters are plug-and-play. Simply match the shape of the plug to the shape of the connector. Plug directly into the input of your Yeti and enjoy endless power!

Solar Panel

Combiner Cable

Extension Cable

Power Station

Yeti 1500X + (4) Boulder 100 Solar Generator

Meet The Yeti 1500X + (4) Boulder 100 Solar Generator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Yeti run my device?

Please refer to our runtime chart at Here’s a quick and dirty lesson in power: All Goal Zero power products have a number in their name, ex. Venture 30, Flip 36, Goal Zero Yeti 500X. These numbers refer to the Watt Hours (Wh), or the amount of energy that can be stored in each battery, and can help estimate how long your gear will run from each power bank or power station. For example, a 500Wh battery should run a 100W light for 5 hours (500/100=5). If your gear falls within the 500Wh capacity of the Yeti, you’ll want to check the restrictions on each of the output ports. When you’re deciding on what to power from your new Goal Zero power bank or power station, it’s helpful to look into your device’s wattage consumption.

Are the Boulder Solar Panels waterproof?

Yes. The Boulders are designed to withstand the elements, so they’re great for permanent and semi-permanent installations. What you’re recharging from the Boulders is what needs to stay dry, so keep those power banks and power stations covered up and protected from the dust, rain, and snow.

Can I mount the Boulder Solar Panels to my roof?

Yes, for mountable Boulder panels, take a look at the Boulder 50 and 100 Solar Panels. The Boulder Briefcases are not designed to be mounted permanently to a fixture; this briefcase fold-and-go style allows you to be more portable.


  • AC Wall Chargers (600W Input Max)
  • 120W Power Supply (Included): 14 hours
  • 230W Power Supply (Add-on Purchase): 7 hours
  • 600W Power Supply (Add-on Purchase): 3 hours
  • Solar Charging (600W Actual Input Max)
  • *NOTE: Solar Panel Rated Watts are only what the Panel is rated to produce in perfect temperature/orientation/angle/full sun conditions with no losses due to cables, etc.  
  • 100W Rated Panels (Boulder 100 BC/Nomad 100): 18-36 hours of sunlight
  • 100W (Boulder/Nomad 100 (BC)): 18-36 Hours
  • 200W Rated Panels (Boulder 200 BC/Nomad 200): 9-18 hours of sunlight
  • 400W Rated Panels (2x Boulder BC/Nomad 200): 4-8 hours of sunlight
  • 800W* Rated Panels (4x Nomad 200/etc.): 3-4 hours of sunlight
  • 1200W* Rated Panels (4x Ranger 300/etc.): 3 hours of sunlight
  • *Rated Panel systems greater than 600W increase likelihood of yielding the max Yeti solar input throughout the day and in imperfect conditions


    • Cell chemistry: Li-ion NMC
    • Pack capacity: 1516Wh (10.8V, 140.4Ah)
    • Single Cell Equivalent Capacity: 421Ah @ 3.6V
    • Pack Lithium Content: 126g
    • Lifecycles: 500 Cycles to 80% capacity (Discharge rate: 1C, Full charge/discharge, Temp: 25C)
    • Shelf-life: Charge every 3-6 months
    • Management system: MPPT charge controller


    • INPUT
    • 1x High Power Charging port (AC or Solar): 600W Max (14-50V, up to 50A)
    • 2x 8mm charging port (AC or Solar): 150W Max (14-50V, up to 10A); Front face & under lid
    • 1x USB-C PD port: 60W Max (5 - 20V, up to 3.0A), regulated
    • OUTPUT
    • 2x AC: 2000W, 3500W Surge (120VAC 60Hz, 16.5A), Pure Sine Wave
    • 2x USB-A: 12W Max (5V, up to 2.4A), regulated
    • 1x USB-C: 18W Max (5 - 12V, up to 3.0A), regulated
    • 2x 6mm: 120W Max (12V, up to 10A), regulated
    • 1x Car Port: 160W Max (12V, up to 13A), regulated
    • 2x High Power Port: 360W Max (12V, up to 30A), regulated; Front face & under lid 
    • Expansion Module Port:  Under the lid - To be used with Goal Zero expansion modules only


      • Kit SKU: 44517
      • Chainable: No
      • Simultaneous Recharge & Discharge: Yes
      • Weight: 45.64 lbs (20.7 kg)
      • Dimensions: 15.25 x 10.23 x 10.37 in (38.74 x 25.98 x 34.54 cm)
      • Operating usage temperature: 32-104 F (0-40 C)
      • Warranty: 2 years


      • Yeti 200X: 2-4 Hours
      • Yeti 400: 6-12 Hours
      • Yeti 400 Lithium: 7-14 Hours
      • Yeti 500X: 6-12 Hours
      • Yeti 1000 Lithium: 16-32 Hours
      • Yeti 1400 Lithium: 22-44 Hours
      • Yeti 1500X: 18-36 Hours
      • Yeti 3000 Lithium: 36-72 Hours
      • Yeti 3000X: 36-72 Hours


      • Product SKU: 32407
      • Weight: 20.1 lbs (9.1 kg)
      • Dimensions: 40.0 x 26.75 x 1.75 in (101.6 x 70 x 4.4 cm)
      • Cable Length: 6ft
      • Warranty: 2 years


      • Solar Port: (blue, 8mm): 14-22.5V up to 7A (100W max)


      • Input: 8mm
      • Output: HPP


      • Product SKU: 98060
      • Used with: Yeti and Solar
      • UPC: 847974005187


      • Product SKU: 91023
      • Product Weight: 8.9 lbs
      • Dimensions (Handle Down): 14.5 x 21 x 17.5 in
      • Dimensions (Handle Up): 14.5 x 21 x 39 in
      • Warranty: 12 months


      • Input: High Power Port
      • Output: High Power Port


      • Product SKU: 98105
      • Cord Length: 30 feet
      • Gauge: 14AWG
      • Used with: Boulder 200 Briefcase, Nomad 200


      • Input: 12V Male Cigarette
      • Output: 8.0mm (12V, up to 10A)


      • Product SKU: 98079
      • Cord Dims: 120 x 2.5 x 1 in (304.8 x 6.35 x 2.54 cm)
      • Used with: Goal Zero Yeti 150, 200X, 400, 400 Lithium, 500X, 1000, 1250, 1400, 1500X, 3000, 3000X, 6000X and Sherpa 50, 100, and 100AC


      • Dims – 41 x 28 x 4 in (104.1 x 71.1 x 10.2 cm)
      • Weight – 2.7lbs (1.22 kg)

      600W Power Supply CHARGE TIMES

      • Yeti 1500X: 3 hrs
      • Yeti 3000X: 6 hrs
      • Yeti 6000X: 12 hrs


      • Weight (with AC cable): 3.09 lbs (1.4kg)
      • Dimensions: 10 x 4.4 x 1.6in (25.4 x 11.2 x 4cm)
      • Total Cable length: 11 feet (3.3 meters)
      • Certs: FCC, CE, UL
      • Warranty: 12 months


      • Inputs:
      • AC plug: 100-240V ~ 8A 50/60HZ
      • Outputs:
      • HPP: 40V, up to 15A (600W max)