Some people feel limited due to their medical devices but that doesn't have to be the case. In the tragic event that the power goes out and you cannot simply plug your medical equipment into the wall, plug into the sun! How about when you’re camping with your medical equipment, how do you keep it charged? Solar power is a solution you may not have considered. ECG monitors, used to measure your heart rate, usually take AAA batteries or are charged from a USB source. The Guide 10 Plus Solar Charging Kit has the ability to charge AAA’s and USB devices, like an ECG monitor! Because you can power up with the sun, you'll never have to worry about finding a plug._

Infusion pumps are a little more powerful usually using a 6V battery to run. Infusion pumps are used to deliver vital medications to someone, or to deliver proper nutrition. Imagine if there was no power. The battery may run for a few hours on its own but then it would need to be recharged. Yeti 150 to the rescue!

CPAP machines are used to allow easy breathing while you’re sleeping. For some, this is essential to make it through the night. The question remains, what happens if there is no power? What if a father wants to take his kid camping? There are no outlets on the woods. The new Yeti 400 provides enough power for a full 8 hours of sleep with a CPAP machine, literally anywhere. food storage moms posted this awesome review, check it out here.

Life changing solar equipment for you medical devices.

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