We understand that charging your devices outside can be a bit sketchy. Common worries include rain, heat, theft, clouds, a dogs lifted leg, and other weather elements. While these are all legitimate concerns, there are ways to protect your tech. What if it rains? If you're from Washington, this is a legitimate concern as it rains almost daily. Never fear, Goal Zero products work in the rain! Because our battery packs and solar panels are separate units and our solar panels are weather proof, you can lay your solar panel outside while the battery pack sits comfortably in a covered area; charging. What if my solar panel melts? This is not going to happen unless you live on the face of the sun or you're using it as a baking sheet. The solar panels can handle up to 120 degrees (F). Placing your battery pack in the shade while the panel is basking in the sun is recommended. What if it gets stolen? Easy. Move to a safer neighborhood. What if clouds roll in? No problem. The sun is still shining out there in space— the clouds will just slow the charging process a bit. Mono crystalline solar panels are designed to collect the sun's rays as efficiently as possible in any weather condition. What if a dog pees on it? Bad dog! Wipe it off and continue charging.

What if the wind picks it up? Goal Zero makes very lightweight solar panels and battery packs, but not


lightweight. Unless you’re from the "windy city" no worries! Maybe put a note inside with your information so a kind samaritan can return it if it blows their way. It's pretty hard to destroy your Goal Zero gear, we don't recommend trying it either. The point is that it's durable, easy to use in any circumstance, weather resistant, and it works! Goal Zero is Solar Power that works!

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