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The Sunniest City in America

The Sunniest City in America

Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest city in America and receives an average of 4,133 hours of beautiful Sunlight every year. Here's a table for the total power you could capture from each of our

Portable Solar Panels in Yuma. sun Nomad 3.5 : 14465 watt-hours Nomad 7 : 28931 watt-hours Nomad 13 : 53729 watt-hours Nomad 27 : 111591 watt-hours Boulder 15 : 61995 watt-hours Boulder 30 : 123990 watt-hours Boulder 90 : 371970 watt-hours Based on perfect conditions (No clouds or particles in the air) What would you you power with all that sunlight?