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The Secret to iPhone 5 Battery Life

The Secret to iPhone 5 Battery Life

iPhone 5 Solar ChargerWell ladies and gents, the time has finally come. Once again, flocks of avid Apple fans have dug deep in to their pockets for the latest, greatest and most awesome product yet: the iPhone 5. Considered to be one of the

most beautiful consumer products Apple has ever created, the iPhone 5 touts a 4-inch Retina display that features more pixels than its little brothers, so you can really utilize all the new camera upgrades. With the option to take epic panoramic shots of your latest big mountain adventure, as well as the ability to snap pictures while simultaneously shooting video in 1080p HD, the question in the back of everyone’s mind – how do all these new features impact battery life? There’s good news and bad news. It is rumored the

battery life might be slightly longer than that of the iPhone 4s; however, the bad news is the iPhone 5 battery wasn’t fortunate enough to receive any sizeable updates to life expectancy. The good news, we have a solution to keep your battery always charged, wherever you might end up. With the help of Goal Zero’s portable solar panels and charging kits, you can rest assured knowing you can drain the battery life from your iPhone 5 and recharge it to its full potential in a matter of hours – even if you’re nowhere near a wall outlet. From one adventure to another, Goal Zero can power your life anywhere, just add sun. For more cool information about how Goal Zero can power your new iPhone 5,

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