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Goal Zero is excited to announce the launch of Share the Sun- a new kind of global humanitarian effort where you are able to follow your donation every step of the way. Sharing the sun with Goal Zero allows you to change the lives of people everywhere by giving solar power. For every Goal Zero purchase you make, you’ll receive a sun share; a little piece of the sun that you can donate to a project of your choice. You can also donate cash amounts to any project. Once that project has reached its goal, a team will execute the project sending live updates, photos, videos, and stories to every person who joined the project or donated their piece of the sun. As Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast, we quickly packed up diesel trailers with portable power and sent nine employees to some of the worst hit areas in New York and New Jersey. In order to maximize our efforts, we challenged our friends and family to a “You Buy One, We Give One” campaign, which resulted in a sizeable donation of over $500,000 in less than 15 days. We saw the passion in the hearts of GZ Nation–your incredible desire to give power to those who were powerless was inspirational. After Hurricane Sandy, a wildfire spread throughout the halls of Goal Zero and soon, Share the Sun was born. We couldn’t be more excited to watch GZnation pull together to make a difference all over the planet. Power is a basic need that fosters health, productivity, safety, education, and freedom and close to 70% of the world has little or no access to it. On average, 44 quadrillion watts of power from the Sun hit the Earth each year. That's enough to power all of New York for over 700 years. Everyone has access to the Sun and the power it provides; the problem is how to utilize it, and therein lies an incredible opportunity.

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