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Q&A | The Goal Zero Yeti Home Integration kit

Q&A | The Goal Zero Yeti Home Integration kit

Whether it’s food in the fridge or a good night’s sleep, there’s a lot you can lose when the power goes out. The Goal Zero Yeti Home Integration Kit (HIK) is an easy-to-install way to use your Yeti Portable Power Station to keep essential circuits in your home running through any outage. Take a look through some of the most frequently asked HIK questions below and and check out our Facebook Live Q&A video to learn even more.

What do I get when I purchase the Goal Zero Yeti Home Integration Kit (HIK)?

You’ll receive the 4-circuit Manual Transfer Switch panel, the 10′ Yeti Extension cable, a Home Integration Kit startup guide, and a Home Integration Kit installation guide (for electrician’s use).

Do I need to have an electrician install the HIK?

Yes, the Home Integration Kit requires installation from a licensed electrician.

What Yeti Portable Power Station do you recommend to use with the HIK?

We recommend using a Yeti 1000 or above; however, the Yeti 3000 Lithium provides a great blend of power output and runtime. The HIK also works with the original lead-acid Yeti 1250 Portable Power Station.

Is it possible to wire the transfer box in to my RV?

The Home Integration Kit will run the AC outlets in your RV, but most appliances in an RV are set up to run DC. So you can install the Home Integration Kit to run your AC outlets, you just won’t be able to run the appliances and devices that require DC from the Home Integration Kit.

What do you recommend I use the four circuits to power during an outage?

We recommend powering your refrigerator to keep food fresh, garage door openers so you can easily get out if need be, your Wifi router to stay connected, and a main light or two in your most important room(s).

How does the Home Integration Kit protect the Yeti when the power comes back on?

The double-throw action of these switches prevents feeding generator power to the utility and, conversely, prevents feeding utility power to the generator.

How long will the HIK system run my lights?

Just like estimating runtimes from the Yetis themselves, runtimes with the HIK system are dependent on what you’re powering (lights vs fridge) and what Yeti Portable Power Station you’re using. For example, a 100W light would run for approximately 14 hours from a Yeti 1400 Lithium (1400Wh/100W=14h).

Can I chain my Yeti with this setup?

The only Yeti power station that is currently chainable and compatible with the Home Integration Kit is the Yeti 1250. You can chain it to more batteries or to another Yeti. However, there is only one outlet and one extension cable so if you do chain it to another Yeti 1250, you will only be able to use one inverter. Chaining your second Yeti 1250 will double your battery capacity/run time and you can easily use it to power other gadgets by plugging them directly in to the power station.