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Outdoor Sports for the Insane

Outdoor Sports for the Insane

Thrill seekers have one thing in common, going extraordinary lengths to get a natural high. For adrenaline junkies, it’s about curiosity, pushing the limits and erasing boundaries. And we love it all. We’ve rounded up some of the sickest and most extreme outdoor activities in existence. These sports are the pinnacle of living life untethered, and you know we are big fans of freedom.

Volcano boarding

volcano boardingSnowboarding and wakeboarding have their place in extreme sports, but volcano boarding in Nicaragua one-ups both of them. Volcano boarding requires a jump suit, knee pads, a helmet and insanity. After you climb to the top of an active volcano, you grab a board and surf the side of a 2,380 ft volcano and reach up to 50 mph.

Cliff diving

If you want to defy gravity, check out cliff diving. Cliff divers are nuts and they hardly ever get the recognition they deserve as athletes. Cliff diving daredevils leap off of terrifying heights all around the world for a real rush. While some have nicknamed the sport tombstoning to showcase the serious risk factors, it hasn’t stopped the unique sport from gaining popularity.

BASE jumping

BASE jumping includes cliff jumping, and then some. BASE jumping encompasses leaping from buildings, antennas, spans (bridges) and earth (cliffs). Where most people think jumping off a building is a suicide attempt, BASE jumping includes a small parachute for safety. This type of high is significantly more dangerous than skydiving and bungee jumping.


SlackliningSlacklining itself isn’t scary, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. Some slackliners set up to practice their balance in a number of locations, and the highest slackline on record is 3,281 ft high.


Waking up early to hit the freshly groomed slopes is nothing compared to heli-skiing. Heli-skiing is an off-trail adventure for gnarly powder that can only be accessed by a helicopter. Of course, this gig is expensive, but going backcountry is priceless for feigns. For some, this wild environment and downhill ski is as good as it gets. A lot of these extreme sports and activities come with risks and they certainly cater to the wild and free. For anyone asking the question “But why?” The real answer is simple: Because you can. Image 1 via MBVRC, Image 2 via Savage Mountaineering