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Today is the last day of Rob Greenfields 4,500 mile bike trek across America. CONGRATULATIONS, Rob! He began this journey April 20th in San Francisco and is wrapping up his tour de’ America today in Vermont. What was the reason behind the handlebars? Rob spent the last 100+ days promoting sustainability and a cleaner environment. Thanks for stopping by the GZ headquarters. robgoalzero

Rob Greenfields rules for biking 4,500 miles across America:

1. Using electricity generated purely by portable alternative energy devices. He is using a Boulder 30 Solar Panel to collect the sun and the Sherpa 50 Battery pack to store the power and charge his devices. 2. Creating near zero trash. Any created will be carried for the entire journey. 3. Composting all food waste. 4. Using water solely from natural sources like rivers, wells, and rain. As well as from the occasional leaky faucet. 5. Eating locally produced, organic, and unpackaged foods. 6. Shopping at businesses that are committed to creating a healthy planet. Think you could live by Robs rules? Rob Greenfield with his fellow rider of 96 days, Brent Martin, who was able to capture it all. Check out his sweet solar bike set up! rob and friend Read more about the ups and downs of his trek across America and how you can promote sustainability, too! Because not all of us can ride a bike for 100 days straight.