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Matching the Adventure for Your Outdoor Personality

Matching the Adventure for Your Outdoor Personality

If you figured out what kind of outdoor person you might be from our last post, it’s time to figure out the perfect adventure for your preferences. Check out what kind of adventures might be best for you depending on your outdoor personality.

The Animal Enthusiast

The legendary landscape of Jackson Hole, Wyoming is just one reason to visit. Beyond the snow-capped mountains live bears, elk, bison, moose and even bald eagles. Take a trip to even go skiing in the winter or hiking in the spring.

The Do-it-all Dude

If you’re looking for the multisport hot spot, the Grand Canyon has its perks. The Grand Canyon is a rich source of entertainment including hiking, camping and even white water rafting. For more activities, consider how the canyon offers fly-fishing and wildlife sightings. This place is popular for good reason. The Fearless Fanatic

If you’re looking to push limits, try kayaking over a waterfall. In the Palouse region of Washington you can paddle right over the edge of a waterfall for the thrill of a lifetime. To be honest, we’re scared to even tell you where to go for this kind of crazy.

The Fitness Freak

We’ve touted the benefits of Glacier National Park before, and we’re going to do it again. This park is packed with picturesque lakes, forest and meadows. But more important to the “workout wonder” is the fact that this place provides a 700-mile hiking trail.

The Family Crew

Keepin’ the whole family happy is one thing and it’s easier in Islamorada, Florida. If you want the outdoors exploration, this place offers an aquatic experience for everyone to snorkel and see insane wildlife. Even more, the place has backcountry fishing, hiking and camping.

The Purist

For the primitive camping type, there are plenty of places to get out of dodge. But, we do suggest Northern Maine. There’s a section of the Appalachian Trail between Monson and Mount Katahdin known as the “Hundred-Mile Wilderness.” This remote location offers a spot with no supplies or towns and your survival depends on your preparation, planning and instincts. We’d definitely be interested in what you consider to be the best way to quench your outdoor thirst. Please give us a heads up in the comments below!