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Hiking in Every Continent: Part Two

Hiking in Every Continent: Part Two

The quest for some of the best trails in each continent continues. While last week we highlighted four great adventures in four continents, we are polishing off the list with the final three. These three destinations are challenging, captivating and a good time all around. If you’re an outdoor junkie and you find yourself in the following continents, check these trails out for sure.

Asia: Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji You’ve probably seen Mount Fuji immortalized in numerous works of art, and that’s not to mention it is one of the most climbed mountain in the world. It’s near perfect symmetrical volcanic cone has made this mountain a national symbol for Japan. It doesn’t matter if you reach the mountain by bus or plane, you have to climb it. With perfect timing, at the top you can catch the sunrise above the clouds. If you’re feeling brave, you can get a glimpse of the crater at the center of the mountain.

Round trip:

Approximately 8 miles

When to go:

July and August only. Outside of this official hiking season is dangerous.

Australia: Cape to Cape Track

Cape to cape The Cape to Cape Walk Track is a long-distance trail that will take days. The entire track extends the coastal scenery of Western Australia. Here, you will be in close proximity to forests, beaches, vineyards and caves. The route has no shortage of picturesque moments including lighthouses, reefs and coves. With the waves and wind, you can even catch blowholes of water that reach up to 98 feet. This adventure is more than a hike, and could include surfing and definitely camping.


83 miles

**When to go:

**April to December

Antarctica: Vinson Massif

Vinson Massif So the average person won’t likely find themselves in Antarctica, but that doesn’t mean the continent lacks adventure worthy of our list. Taking on Vinson Massif is dangerous, and for the hardcore. Attempting to conquer this beast requires a background in mountaineering and experienced guides. The extreme weather is challenge enough, but this mountain offers the highest peak on the continent and is part of the Seven Summits challenge. A trip to the Ice is as some would say “as close as you will ever get to another planet without leaving this one.” This trip takes weeks to do it right.

Round trip:


When to go:

November to December Of course having an elite list of hikes in each continent leaves out some insane experiences and worthy contenders. What hikes do you think should be on the list? Image 1 Image 2 Image 3