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After 45 Days Only 16 Miles Away from the North Pole

After 45 Days Only 16 Miles Away from the North Pole

Eric Larsen - 16 miles away from the North Pole"We are pushing hard to make miles, but are also fighting against ice that is pushing us south as we sleep and time chewing veers around thin ice, big drifts and huge ice blocks. Still, we have managed to eke miles and are now only 16 miles away from the North Pole. Wow. It feels good to be here. Today, we reminisced about the early days of the expedition. 'Remember that big ice canyon we went through?' I asked. The guys did and smiled happily that it was a memory now and not a new obstacle. We are seeing lots big blocks of ice cracked and pressured. Some are easily five feet thick and 30 feet across. We know how they are formed - slow punctuated movements of ice pushed by wind, tides and currents. This must be similar to how mountains are formed but instead of ice and water its the earth's crust driven by convection currents in the mantle." Read the entire post here: http://ericlarsenexplore.com/updates/journal.php?xjMsgID=125812

About Eric Larsen

Larsen has spent his entire life in pursuit of wilderness. A polar explorer, dog musher and educator, he has spent the past 15 years adventuring in some of the most remote and wild places left on earth. Totaled, Larsen has traveled enough wilderness miles to circle the globe nearly two and half times. Larsen's history-making expedition, One World Expedition, was the first-ever summer journey to the North Pole. Larsen's other expeditions include a successful summit of Mt. McKinley, a 41-day expedition to the geographic South Pole, 700-mile dog sled journey through Northern Ontario, a six-week dog sled journey in the barren lands of the Canadian Arctic, several training trips to Hudson Bay and countless dog sled races. He has also ridden his bike across the United States, been a back country ranger in Alaska, a white water canoe guide in Colorado and wilderness trip leader in Hawaii. Larsen was recently voted one of Outside Magazine's Eco All Stars for his Global Warming advocacy work. A gifted communicator as well, Larsen travels the country giving motivational and educational lectures to K-12 schools, universities, nonprofit organizations and corporate groups. To see more about this modern-day explorer, visit www.savethepoles.com.