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7 New Activities for Your Next Camping Trip

By: Goal Zero Editors

7 New Activities for Your Next Camping Trip

Some of the greatest moments spent outdoors are those involving silence and the simplicity of nature. That being said, there's no shame in incorporating some of today's modern pleasures — namely, technology. Whether you're new to the great outdoors or a seasoned camper, there are many different ways to use technology outdoors.

Bring your own sound system

Liven up your fishing, cooking, or any other activity for that matter, with your own solar powered speakers. Find one that's portable, eco-friendly, water-proof and easily connected to your cell phone. Bring it with you during your daytime hike and it'll stay charged all night long.

Go stargazing

Fun doesn't have to reserved for daylight hours. One of the most beautiful aspects of camping is escaping the harsh city lights in exchange for cloudy galaxies and shooting stars. Modern technology now makes those galaxies and comets easier to find and admire. Learn to navigate by the stars — or just appreciate their beauty — with one of these popular telescopes.

Get creative with your cooking

Step up your campfire dinner game with a few new hacks that will inevitably impress your friends and fellow campers. With your basic campfire cooking set, you can bake muffins in leftover orange peels, create a scrumptious s'mores dip, bake some cheesy campfire quesadillas and more. Just be sure to bring enough supplies for seconds.

Update your apps

Your cell phone can be hugely beneficial when it comes to keeping entertained while camping. You should probably disconnect from those work emails and social media for a bit, but there are other apps and programs that can enhance the outdoor experience, like Yonder, Leafsnap, All Trails, and Audubon Pro.

Explore without fear of getting lost

Exploring nature is one the best parts of camping, but it can also be intimidating. Eliminate those fears with the help of a compact GPS device. The ideal device should work under tree coverage, allow various routes to be entered and have an “SOS” feature — you know, just in case. Pack extra batteries, or a portable power source, as well.

Try geocaching

Geocaching is a trend sweeping the nation, and for good reason. It's a real-life treasure hunting game for people of all ages — and all you need is a pen, a GPS device and a small trinket. The rules are simple: Register at geocaching.com, find a cache in your area, enter the coordinates in your GPS, find the geocache and log your information. If you take a trinket, be sure to leave one of equal or greater value.

Go for a midnight swim

There's something a little more exciting about swimming at night. That being said, it wouldn't hurt to have a little light to guide you along the way. And you'll want to see where you left your dry set of clothes, right? Find a powerful, solar powered light that can charge during the day and illuminate all night long.