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5 Killer Places to Use Solar Gear

5 Killer Places to Use Solar Gear

Maybe you already have a bucket list, but we’ve conjured up a new to-do for avid hikers and campers for unbeatable adventure. Start saving, take your solar gear and find yourself at one (if not all) of these five insane locations.

Glacier national park


Glacier National Park.

Dubbed a hiker’s paradise, this national park in Montana is packed with 700 miles of trails. If you’re up for it, go off the beaten path for your own view of the glacially-carved valleys. All we have to say is get there, and be prepared for meadows, mountains, lakes and forests.

Plitvice Lakes National Park.

More than a million visitors hit up Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia and you need to be one of them. This national park is famous for its 16 interconnected lakes arranged in cascading waterfalls. We’ll tell you one thing: this place has a reputation for good reason, so expect turquoise-colored lakes and unbelievable beauty.

Easter Island.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island happens to be one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands. And although people live there, you can still find yourself virtually alone by climbing craters and exploring the fascinating cave systems. We say check it out for a blend of breathtaking with ancient history.


If you’re up for a challenge, head south to Patagonia sandwiched between Argentina and Chile. Word on the street is this region has some of the most dramatic landscapes around. There are perfect pebble beaches, deep-water lakes, forests and the territory offers seriously high peaks in the Andes. The scenery here is what sells postcards.

Chumbe Island.

Historical ruins, trails, and an award-winning nature reserve? That would be Chumbe Island. This coral island off the coast of Tanzania in Africa is home to extremely rare animals and sites. We happen to love Chumbe Island because this region utilizes eco-technology to make zero impact on the environment including solar water heating. We know that when it comes to hiking or camping in any of these unreal locations, you’re going to want to capture all the beauty and will probably want to ensure your GPS is up and running. These must see locations are extremely remote; making solar energy is the way to go. Don’t get caught in these wonders without being able to keep your gadgets and goods working. There’s a chance some of you have already hit up these spectacular spots, so tell us, are there any places you would like to add to this list?