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Landfall Date: November 2013
Max Wind Speed: 195 mph/315 kmh (strongest storm to ever make landfall)
Fatalities: 6,340 killed, 1,061 missing

“The need is still there. Any time that we have a disaster we would like to think that we could solve the problem in 60 to 90 days, but that’s not reality.” said Goal Zero founder Robert Workman.

Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in early November 2013. Since then the people have scrambled to piece back together their belongings, homes, communities and lives. Many lost everything. The world extended a hand to help them get back on their feet. Unfortunately in our fast paced world, where the 24 hour news cycle is constantly searching for the next story, attention on the Philippines and their recovery has dwindled.

“The need is still there. Any time that we have a disaster we would like to think that we could solve the problem in 60 to 90 days, but that’s not reality.” said Goal Zero founder Robert Workman.

The effects of the storm are long lasting. It is estimated that the damage to residential, commercial and agricultural properties is in excess of $14 billion. Many are still living in evacuation centers and transitional shelters. Even with a strong infrastructure the recovery would still take years. Unfortunately, the Philippine government lacks many of the resources needed to help on a mass scale.

In working with our partners (Action Humanitarian, Tifie, and Barebones Living) we figured out how and where we could help. Tacloban and Ormoc were hit hard by storm surge and winds up to 195 mph. After our preliminary trip our team determined to help as many families get into transitional housing as we could and to help get a small school in Ormoc get back on its feet.

“Going into this there were a couple of major things we wanted to accomplish,” commented Sam Dominguez, Barebones President. “From our team’s prior trip in January we had identified a group of families that needed homes. Our goal was to set up between 50-65 structures and provide them with power and gardening equipment. Also, the local school was also in need of dependable power and supplies to continue their work. This opportunity was a pilot for future opportunities in the Philippines. We feel that it was a success. ­We changed the lives of 50 families!”

Below are the stories of our time in the Philippines. We hope to continue our efforts and to keep you updated on these families.

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