Mike Libecki Climber | Explorer | Soloist | Dedicated Father | Pursuer of Passion


Mike is addicted to adventure. He has planned and succeeded on over 50 expeditions and has a goal to log over 100 in his lifetime. His obsession with exploring and climbing exotic locations has filled multiple passports with over 100 stamped pages from around the world. When Mike isn’t pulling off big wall climbs, alpine first ascents, traverses, solo expeditions, and other mysterious adventures, he is a dedicated stay-at-home father and is now supporting his 10-year-old daughter’s dream to travel the world. They are headed to Antarctica this year for her first big ski expedition.


  • Peru | The Joyineer

    photos by Mike Libecki Rain taps on the roof of the tent as Goal Zero ambassador Lilliana Libecki plucks away on her mandolin, huddled together with a small crew...

  • NEPAL | Rays of Joy

    In June of 2016, a group of Goal Zero Employees, Nepalese Sherpas, and Goal Zero Ambassadors Mike and Lilliana Libecki, accompanied representatives of Human Outreach Project to Nepal’s famed...

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro | A 12-Year-Old’s Passion Project

    It was still dark, and would be for hours, when Lilliana Libecki crawled from her tent. She and her father, Mike Libecki, were five days into their push to…

  • POUMAKA | Mud, Sweat and Expletives

    “There will be times that you wish you didn’t come.” Mike Libecki forewarned. “It’s pretty insane.” Keith Ladzinski and I have each heard that before, having done…


“Pursue passion––why ration passion? Dream big and climb those dreams. The time is now. No Excuses. Death and/or old age is coming, we must live sweet. After all, it is not only life, but the quality of this life.”