Share the Sun | Buy a Torch, Give a Torch to Puerto Rico

Share the Sun | Buy a Torch, Give a Torch to Puerto Rico

Over two months ago, Hurricane Maria tore apart Puerto Rico, damaging buildings and homes, and leaving residents without power. While much has been done to help the island rebuild, a full recovery is still a long way off.


Often efforts to aid affected communities are strong immediately following a natural disaster, only to fizzle out far before all the necessary work is complete. As part of an on-going effort to help provide residents with the power needed to put their lives back together, Goal Zero is running a Buy One, Give One campaign.

Here’s how it works:

On Giving Tuesday 11/28/17, for every purchase of a Torch 250 Flashlight, we will donate one to a family in Puerto Rico through our partners at Coalition of Hope. With the goal of serving 100,000 residents in mind, Coalition of Hope is working to establish urgently needed weather-proof, reliable solar power solutions to “turn on the lights” in rural Puerto Rico.


In addition to distributing Torch Flashlights, Coalition of Hope teamed up with Goal Zero to supply still powerless communities with Yeti 1000 Lithium Portable Power Stations. Together, these solar power products will help restore lighting, recharge electronic devices, refrigerate fresh foods, and keep critical medical devices running.


Donate directly to Coalition of Hope’s “Power Up Puerto Rico” relief efforts here.


An all-in-one power and lighting solution, the Torch 250 is equal parts portable recharger and flashlight. Charge it up via USB, a built-in solar panel, or hand crank for reliable, sustainable light and power anywhere.


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  1. Seary 3 months ago

    I live in Puerto Rico and would love to uhave one of those torches! I have been without electricity for 71 days.

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