Tiny House | Meg and Charles

Tiny House | Meg and Charles

Photographer Meg Haywood-Sullivan and Ecologist/Writer Charles Post spend a lot of their time on the road documenting and sharing stories. After living in tents and out of the back of a truck, they eventually decided that they needed a home base. They settled on a 400 sq. foot tiny house, with an off grid office near the coast in Northern California and have built their own version of paradise.

While their home isn’t completely off grid, they focus on doing what they can to live minimally. Whether that means powering up their workspace with a Yeti 1250 and two Boulder 90 Solar Panels, working in their little garden, or just a mindful consumption of the resources that are available to them.

To see some of their work visit their sites:





  1. Sara Fernandez 2 years ago

    I profoundly admire your choices and I envy (I try not to feel this) the lessons afforded you throughout the journey which is your l I f e. I’m probably old enough to be your mother, or perhaps even your grandmother. I wrote that I envy your lessons because in my life, my lessons have transformed into my treasured jewels. I adore birds and having them as such a large part of your daily life is indeed a wonderful blessing. Videos like this serve those of us that are working at manifesting a dream into our own realities.

  2. Jerry 2 years ago

    It will get old fast!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rich 1 year ago

    Beautiful house! I posted a link to this blog post at http://www.tinyhouse.io/post/5638658/tiny-house-meg-and-charles-solar-life-blog so our community can find out more about your work. Hope it helps :)


    • Author
      goalzero 1 year ago

      Thanks Rich!

  4. Robert 1 year ago

    My wife and I lived in a 5th wheel RV and a Motorhome for 15 years. We traveled in our Motor Home and our 5th Wheel was our home base. As far as I’m concerned this way of living was just precious. I will never forget these years with my wife and our little puppy “Poopsie”. We decided to purchase a house when our Sweet Poopsie started getting old and give her a more steady life during her last years with us. She died recently Sept .2, 2016. We still have the 5th wheel and are thinking about going back out on the road. That life style is just awesome and since we miss our little puppy, we thought we would get another 1 or 3 and go back to living and traveling like we did in the past. The 5th Wheel can be considered a tiny home because it’s only 460 Square Feet total in size. We love it and look forward to upgrading it to solar and what ever else we can do to make it more eco friendly. We have also decided to get another motorhome but this time around it won’t be as big and will run off of diesel and electric. Looking forward to the only way to live as far as we are concerned.

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