Alex Johnson and Bessie the Trailer

Professional climber Alex Johnson grew up in the competitive climbing scene. She became the Youth Climbing National Champion at age 12, Adult National Champion at age 13, and won a silver medal at the Youth World Championships at 14. Eventually, after a long successful competitive career, she decided to focus more on outdoor projects. Spending weeks living out of her car to climb in certain areas became less and less ideal. That’s when she went in search of something else.

Alex soon found “Bessie”, the 1962 Red Dale trailer decked out to look like a 1950’s diner. They’ve had a fairly rocky relationship, but overall they have been there for each other. During their time together Bessie has had a few mishaps, she’s has been blown over, stolen, repurchased, and invaded by a squatter, his crack pipe, and a number of other “items” that we won’t mention here.

Alex and Bessie’s time together has been interesting, but that’s what makes life interesting. The trailer has two Boulder 90 Solar Panels mounted to the top with a Yeti 1250 inside to power all of her trips. For more info on Alex and what she’s up to check out


  1. Jarratt 2 years ago

    Love it! So cool. I want one haha!!

  2. Junior Delgado 2 years ago

    Love your Bessie and what it stands for when your on your awesome adventures. I am sorry to hear it had some rough adventures but it makes it more interesting when you talk about it . I am wondering if you would ever do a mini series and travel and perhaps talk about what makes you work along goal zero and give tips on making our society more resourceful to not leave damaging footprints , I would so watch it weekly or monthly . Have a wonderful times with Bessie and be well.

  3. Rob 2 years ago

    Alex – you are amazing! Glad to see Goal Zero is hooking up with such talent.

  4. Kevin P. Lane 2 years ago

    yeah, that’s what i’m trying to do with my 1987 Lincoln Eldorado 27′ MotorHme, convert all the power to solar with goal zero power. i am an operation desert storm medically discharged vet.
    please contact me for video on progress?

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