Ghana | Powering Education

Ghana | Powering Education

Power. It’s an afterthought for those of us that have it constantly at our fingertips. When we don’t have it, light isn’t all that we lose. The modern world is so tied to technology that an upbringing without access to power makes escaping poverty almost impossible.

In April, 2015 we partnered with Tifie Humanitarian and Point Innovate and sent our employees with solar panels , lights and rechargers to the village of Kushea, Ghana, to power up a small technology center. The project will provide schoolchildren and villagers access to a better, brighter future.


“Going to Africa is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that everyone dreams of doing someday. I met some truly amazing people from such different walks of life, they taught me so much.”

-Kristen Woods, Operations


“Having access to computers and light better enables these students to make a difference in their lives, community and country.”

-Hunter Johnson, Customer Solutions


“For Goal Zero giving back is in our roots, we started as a humanitarian company. Yes, we give back, but we also give GZ employees the chance to go see the impact that we make.”

-Ryan Baylis, Marketing


  1. Ken Dietz 2 years ago

    Awesome project. To everyone involved with this Goal Zero project: Great investment of your resources for a long term return to others! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Francis 2 years ago

    As a Ghanaian studying in the US, i really appreciate the effort you put in to give back to my people.
    Am on rout to getting my PhD in Agriculture Economics, but am not going to start till fall of 2017.
    Am currently working at University of Arkansas as a research assistant in agricultural economics.
    I will be in Ghana for the period Aug/2016 to July/2017, so let me know how i can be of help to this worthy course.

    • Halen 2 years ago

      Hi Francis,

      Thank you for your offer to help. We plan on working with this same community on agriculture programs in the upcoming years and there could be some interesting synergies. Please stay in touch with me at


  3. Chad 2 years ago

    Good moral and ethic in sharing from stable organization to the underserved community by sharing Solar power from our Sun… will share your sharing …. another nice story to start the day !

  4. Kwame 2 years ago

    I am planning to go and start a bed & breakfast joint at Dobro, Ghana. Access to constant source of power is essential. At the same time, conservation, renewability and organic composting are paramount to this venture. Would you guys be able to either partner with me on Solar energy production or provide some guidelines where necessary? Please provide any details and insights you may have. I plan to be in Ghana in July, 2016.

  5. edward rackley 2 years ago

    what happened to your work in dr congo? your ceo visited a couple years ago, and hopes were high, but no news since. care to update us?

    • Author
      goalzero 2 years ago

      Thanks for asking. Things in the DRC are running well. The goal for the farm and school there is to have them become self-sufficient. They are well on their way and you can get frequent updates by visiting Our mission at Goal Zero is to bring power to the world so we update the most recent projects but will do a better job on giving updates on past projects.

  6. korir 2 years ago

    how can i get gz in kenya ?

  7. Hi, it’s nice to see a bunch of people who are totally committed to social causes like you are, do keep up the good work!

  8. Sheri 1 year ago

    This is alaudable project and I thank all the people involved making it a successful venture. It will widen window of opportunity in rural and even urban dwellers and afford the students to benefit from education.
    How could this project be extended to other parts of Aftica and Nigeria in particular.

  9. Lawrence Ibekilo 1 year ago

    Halen, do you have any plans to do some project in Nigeria?
    I am a Power Engineer re-training in Solar Power Technology in Springfield Massachusetts.
    Please call me and share with me and let’s discuss what we can do for Nigeria.
    I will be glad to do what is required of me.

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