From The Engineers | Light-A-Life 350

From The Engineers | Light-A-Life 350

The original Light-A-Life was created to fulfill a need that our founders saw in rural Africa. It has been a product in our line up since we became a company and has been used in unique off-grid situations all throughout the world. From base camps in the Himalaya to rural African huts the Light-A-Life has been a dependable source of light for those who need it.

We began seeing ways to improve the product early on and our engineers began tinkering with a redesign concept. The Light-A-Life 350 is a complete overhaul and improvement on the original and we are extremely proud of it’s design. It is a much better user experience than the original with a build in cord management system, 350 Lumen light with high/low settings and an adjustable shade for lantern or focus light.

The Light-A-Life 350 is built to be used with our Sherpa and Yeti line, but can also be powered from a 12V car port using the included adapter. We have also built in a carabiner and magnets to make it easy to hang anywhere you might be. You can also chain up to eight lanterns.

To learn more about the LAL 350 or to order your own please visit it’s product page on our website.




  1. Paul Seymour 3 years ago

    I just got mine and it’s really a beautiful example of great engineering put into improving a product. I have two of the first model and this new light rocks!

  2. Nick Hanson 3 years ago

    When are the Yeti 400’s coming in? I had to buy a Black and Decker power supply. We are half way through summer, prime camping for families. Your products are awesome could have really used some of your products and engineers while serving on active duty;)

  3. Richard O. 3 years ago

    You mention throwing it into a backpack, what are you powering it with when you do that. I have the 1st generation and it can really be taken Backpacking. So what do you mean?

  4. Richard O. 3 years ago

    I meant to say, “it really can’t be taken Backpacking” unless I’m missing something.

  5. Turd'L Miller 3 years ago

    really excited for this release….. but, where can I get one of those SWEET rattlesnake coffee mugs?

    • Deena 1 year ago

      That saves me. Thanks for being so sensbile!

  6. Greg 3 years ago

    As designers and engineers, you guys are the best!. But dude, that cord management feature works as a spool, not a thimble. A thimble is something a tailor uses to protect his/her finger when manually sewing with needle and thread. But you get a pass; call it whatever you want as long as you’re accomplishing so much good in the world with your business model!

    • Ciancio 1 year ago

      Pretty sure he said spindle

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