FARM LEAGUE | Powered by Goal Zero

FARM LEAGUE | Powered by Goal Zero

Farm League is a collective group of story tellers and creators. Their combined work entails filmmaking, photography, motion graphics and just about every other creative discipline. Their videos have made their way into your home through many different brands. They have done commercials for some of the most well known companies on earth, released documentaries and short films that change the way you view the world. With more than half of their jobs being in remote areas, the demands of their craft created a need for a mobile film lab. This is a tour of that rig.

Farm League


  1. Larry 3 years ago

    I understand how they are using the equipment BUT they were horrible presenters as they spoke in their own language, using abbreviations for something. They need to talk to the general public clearly and concisely and no abbreviations.

  2. Hunter Newcomer 3 years ago

    I have a 2008 Winnebago Chalet. It’s 34 feet log and I am always running out of battery life. I would love to install solor panels on the roof. Is that possible and would it be easy to install or would I need professional installation?
    Please advise.

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