The Airstream Life: JHK & Heather Irmiger

The Airstream Life: JHK & Heather Irmiger

Heather Irmiger and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (also known as JHK), a husband-wife mountain biking duo, had been racing internationally for years. After deciding to change to a North American racing schedule they realized a need for some sort of living situation that would work on the road. After some thought and a quick search online they were the proud owners of a 25 foot Airstream Travel Trailer.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Airstream was born in the 1920s. Wally Byam, the founder, had a vision of freedom and the open road and he built a trailer to suit that dream. Since then, Airstream has grown to become one of the most recognizable recreational vehicles in the world, featuring a design for those who want a home in the outdoors and the freedom to roam.

Heather and Jeremy fit the bill and are loving every minute of it. They now spend the majority of their year living on the road and going from race to race. Their two dogs, Brava and Kobi, both travel with them. When Jeremy and Heather aren’t on the road they reside in Boulder, Colorado.

The Airstream stays powered off-the-grid with Goal Zero Boulder 90 Solar Panels, Yeti 400 and Yeti 1250 Solar Generators. Follow Heather and JHK:, Heather’s Twitter, Heather’s Instagram, JHK’s TwitterJHK’s Instagram. Watch more of our En Route series here.

Check out a few photos of their setup:

AndyEarl_Sprinter_442 AndyEarl_Sprinter_459 AndyEarl_Sprinter_452AndyEarl_Sprinter_446-featured


  1. Arthur L. Foley Jr. 3 years ago

    Personally ride a Tricumbent – actually a Delta Trike with a Nomad trailer. True; I am envious of you two though.
    have fun will travel . . . .

  2. JS 3 years ago

    Amazing awesome incredible edible lifestyle made totally possible only by 90% ultra cool couple and 10% solar stuff . . . Heather edges out with 51% of the cool thing with JHK tagging at 39% . . .

  3. Alan Butters 3 years ago

    We use a Yeti 1250 and Boulder 30 solar panels to power our 25′ Airstream International.

    • Al 3 years ago

      Hey Alan, how do you have it hooked up into your electrical? Any certain way or is it just plugged in? Thanks!


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