Goal Zero Switch 10: Thoughts from an Engineer

Goal Zero Switch 10: Thoughts from an Engineer

The Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool was introduced last month and is now starting to make its way into retail locations nationwide. We took a few minutes to sit down with our engineering team to talk about what went into the creation of the Switch 10. We’re proud of this group of computer-programming, CAD-drawing, circuit board-soldering, 3D-modeling, electrical sorcerers that we get to call our product developers. They are the dreamers behind our products and are a crucial part of the Goal Zero family.

Learn more about the Switch 10 and its multiple uses here.

switch10-burkard-01 switch10-earl-01 switch10-earl-02 switch10-gardner-01 switch10-travisburke-01


  1. Bryan Phillips 3 years ago

    I hope that this is eventually offered by itself with the accessories. I already have a Nomad 7 solar panel system and don’t need another.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Ronnie Duggin 3 years ago

    Yes yes yes your team has got it right .That quality is second to none love the sound of the click switch 10 is next on my list.
    I do love my switch 8 but switch 8 move over ! MY goal zero fund grows 1 can at a time soon I’ll be switched 10.
    You guys no doubt will create for us the best.
    Thank you and HAPPY HOLLIDAYS

  3. Barrau 3 years ago

    when switch 10 will be available in Europe ?

    • Author
      goalzero 3 years ago

      We’ve sent you an email with details on how to contact our European distributor. Thanks.

  4. Ken 3 years ago

    You know, I’ve always wondered why flashlights didn’t come with glow in the dark cases or portions of the handle or something. After all, you’re reaching for a flashlight because there’s no light, right? Maybe the next version should come with a glow in the dark portion of the plastic case.

    • Author
      goalzero 3 years ago

      Excellent idea Ken, we’ve forwarded your message to our product development team. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Author
      goalzero 3 years ago

      Hey Ken, we tried sending you an email to give you a VIP code for GoalZero.com, but the message came back undeliverable. Reply with a valid email and we’ll try resending it. Thanks.

  5. Lloyd MacNeil 2 years ago

    I picked up a couple of the switch 8 flashlights and they came with a lantern type accessorie on the opposite end of the flashlight . I have several friends interested in this connection but have never seen it for sale since. Is it discontinued? If not I was thinking it would be great to have a ” lampshade” type of connection to slide on that end to keep the light out of your eyes while being used on a table ,, or to be used hanging above .

  6. Margaret Smith 2 years ago

    I was wondering how long with the fan will run on a full charge of the Switch 10

  7. Liam 2 years ago

    So bummed I recently had my Switch 10 confiscated by security while flying through Beijing. Because the capacity & output are not printed on the outside of the unit, it wasn’t allowed to fly in my carry on bag! So bummed, since I already have the solar panel & flashlight that go with it.

  8. Jacob 2 years ago

    I really dig the Switch 10 USB multi-tool. It’s a great accessory for me to carry around for business.

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