The Boat Life: Tyler Bradt and the Wizard’s Eye

The Boat Life: Tyler Bradt and the Wizard’s Eye

Take a tour of the Wizard’s Eye with Professional Kayaker Tyler Bradt. Those aboard this 42 foot vessel are on a five-year world sailing circumnavigation. “Unlocking the Door to the World” is the premise of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition.

Their goal is to live the most outlandish experiences the world has to offer. With an emphasis on cultural engagement, high adventure, and extreme sport, the sailboat Wizard’s Eye acts as a base and staging point for expeditions ranging from deep sea cave diving to Mountaineering and everything in between.

Tyler grew up in Stevensville, Montana and was introduced to kayaking at age six by his father, Bill Bradt. He learned fast and was paddling class five rapids by age twelve and receiving invitations to travel and paddle all over the world. In 2009, Tyler successfully kayaked Palouse Falls, setting a world record for the highest waterfall kayaked at 186 ft. His appetite for adventure has now turned to the sea.

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  1. Brian 3 years ago

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. JasonPotterfield 3 years ago

    Nice Blog ! I just love boating .

  3. ketil overby 4 months ago

    g’day Tyler.
    i like what i have seen of your great boat. i hope you can find the time to let me know the name of the maker/brand of boat the wizard’s eye is, and any other info. you have on her.
    i am interested because i have just retired and will spend the rest of my time with my first love,
    the ocean and all the joy it brought me in the the sixties and seventies.
    thanks for any help and keep up your good work.
    happy sailing and stay safe.
    ketil. (south australia)

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