The Sprinter Life: Jonathan Thesenga & Brittany Griffith

The Sprinter Life: Jonathan Thesenga & Brittany Griffith

Brittany Griffith and Jonathan Thesenga are both professional climbers, world travelers and weekend warriors. In this episode of our ‘En Route’ series they take us through the van that they often call home. After purchasing a stripped down Sprinter Van, they proceeded to design their ideal adventuremobile. It has now traveled thousands of miles, hosted two Thanksgiving dinners, yoga sessions and seen many a dance party.

See more of our En Route series here. Brittany and Jonathan use Goal Zero solar panels and solar generators to power their van. Learn more about Goal Zero here.


  1. Harley A 3 years ago

    Awesome. I want to ditch my rental for a van like this for bmx racing!

  2. Bryan Phillips 3 years ago
    • Author
      goalzero 3 years ago

      Hey Bryan, the link you mentioned leads to this same post. If you’re having trouble viewing any of our content let us know so we can check things on our end. Thanks.

  3. Eric 9 months ago

    What solar panels are they using?

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