Philippines Spotlight: The School

Philippines Spotlight: The School

After Typhoon Yolanda came through Barangay Donghol the school was left in ruin. Portions of the building were destroyed, reliable power and infrastructure failed and almost all supplies and equipment were lost. Along with our partners- Action Humanitarian, Tifie Humanitarian, and Barebones Living- we were able to help get the school back on its feet by donating laptops equipped with wifi, a projector, solar power, lights, chairs, tables and school supplies.

“In this area the Department of Education has all the teaching materials online. When we brought new laptops they all started to cry,” said Rebecca Litchfield, Goal Zero Director of Community Programs. “That night they were able to download the material from the Dept. of Education and on our last day the principal invited a couple of us in with the 5th grade class to see how the laptops were helping. It was a great lesson. I could just see and feel the love that these teachers have for their students and how much they want them to learn.”

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  1. McCain Tom 3 years ago

    Great job by Goal Zero I’m glad that my purchases of your products are helping others in need.

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