The Van Life: Travis Burke

The Van Life: Travis Burke

Traveling to remote locations, hiking for hours, hanging from a 500 foot bridge, living in a van for months on end and staying up all night to get a shot are all a regular part of Travis Burke’s life. He is an outdoor and adventure photographer who’s worked with the biggest names in action sports.

He recently embarked on a year long road trip exploring North America in his 1994 Dodge Ram Van. He acquired the van from family and then customized it to be his ultimate adventuremobile. In this, the latest episode in our ‘En Route’ series, Travis walks us through the van that he calls home.

Travis didn’t know that when he picked up a camera for a trip to Yosemite six years ago it would become his job and main passion in life. He is a staff photographer for and has worked with ESPN, Skullcandy, GoPro and more

Travis uses Goal Zero portable power and solar panels to keep his adventures going.

For more info on Travis, take a look at his ambassador page. Also, if you’re not already following his Instagram you’re missing out, check it out below:


  1. David DANIEL 4 years ago

    Looks like he visited the Sportsmobile site/factory before he ‘custom’ built his Grandma’s van.

  2. John W Safranek 4 years ago


    That is the coolest van set up of all time!

    Happy Trails,


  3. Warren 4 years ago

    Hey, can someone please tell me more about his “induction burner”??? I need one of those!

    • GQ 2 years ago

      I’d be interested to know about this too – how long would this run from a GoalZero Yeti 1250?

  4. John 4 years ago

    Nice setup. I’m curious to what you carry in the luggage compartments on top? Do they carry more Goal Zero equipment? I’m going to assume the panels charge the battery that is positioned next to your fridge. I guess I’m just curious how you are keeping everything charged off the Goal Zero.

    • Author
      goalzero 4 years ago

      Last time we saw Travis the racks on top of the van were full of surfboards and other adventure gear. You’re right, the panels charge the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 battery inside the van. Thanks for checking out the video!

  5. Bonnie 4 years ago

    So what Goal Zero products power Travis’ setup?

    • Author
      goalzero 4 years ago

      Travis uses Boulder 60 solar panels and a Yeti 1250 Solar Generator. Give us a call if you have any questions on how our products could work for your setup (888-794-6250). Thanks for checking out our Van Life video!

  6. Brandon 2 years ago


    I really like what you did with your van. I recently inherited the same type of van but a 2003 and want to do something similar. How did you lift your van and how many inches? I cannot, for the life of me, find a kit for these vehicles. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance…..


  7. Lionel 2 years ago

    Cool van! Did you have it lifted and turned into a 4WD?

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