Pursuit of Passion: Mike Libecki

Pursuit of Passion: Mike Libecki


Passion for adventure is contagious and the more you’re exposed to the outdoor lifestyle the more it gets in your blood. Nobody knows this more than Goal Zero Ambassador Mike Libecki. He has logged over 50 expeditions, filled multiple passports with over 100 stamped pages and climbed and explored some of the most remote regions of the planet. The contagious nature of Mike’s passion for adventure has now started to find a place in the heart of the next generation.

After years of watching her father go on expeditions, Mike’s 10 year-old daughter Lilliana has now started to dream of far off locations, experiencing cultures and acquiring stamps in her passport.

“She’s saying, hey I want to travel, I want to see these things and it’s both exciting and scary at the same time,” said Libecki. “She’s 10 years old now and she’s saying Dad I want to go to Antarctica, and I’m like let’s do it.”

Mike is a dedicated father. When he isn’t on an expedition he is a stay-at-home Dad. He has coached Lilliana’s soccer team, volunteered at her school and they are now working on training and preparing for their 30 day ski expedition to Antarctica. Lilliana is learning the skills needed to travel safely and make educated decisions in the backcountry.

They will embark on their expedition later this year. Stay tuned for more updates from them as this father-daughter duo seeks adventure together at the bottom of the planet.

“Death and/or old age is coming…We must live sweet. Why ration passion?”-Libecki

To learn more about Mike, check out his Ambassador Page

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  1. Jared 4 years ago

    Fantastic and inspiring story. My wife and I certainly aspire to do as much with and for our kids as Mike.

  2. Trevor 4 years ago

    Live Love Lurk amigo.

  3. Mark Sanney 4 years ago

    With great products from Goal Zero, traveling off the grid can be a pleasure.

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