The Tiny House Life: Zach and Molly

The Tiny House Life: Zach and Molly

Zack-and-Molly-smallIn this, the second installation of our “En Route” series, we profile professional skiers Zach Giffin, Molly Baker and their Tiny House. A few years back they realized the house of their dreams wasn’t going to be the status quo; they wanted to feel at home while traveling from place to place in search of fresh snow. Those dreams fueled the construction of the 112 square-foot Tiny House they now live in. Thanks to the Tiny House, they’ve traveled thousands of miles, woken up to countless powder days, and been introduced to plenty of new friends.

The handcrafted house on wheels weighs in at a hefty 3.86 tons, is built on a flatbed trailer meant for hauling cars, and has all the amenities of home, minus a bathroom. Some of the features include: his and her closets, a draft system and two beer taps, a kitchen with a fridge and sink, an outdoor shower, wood stove, propane tanks, guest bed, and a wood stove. The house will sleep five comfortably, or six if someone is willing to spoon, and is powered by a Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator and two Boulder 90 Solar Panels.

A big thank you to Zack and Molly for allowing us to come visit and share their Tiny Home. For more information on the Tiny House and the video series of their travels visit

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  1. John Baylis 4 years ago

    Thank you for sharing the video of your experiences in the Tiny house and on the mountain. I know I won’t ever do the powder and chutes you do, reality, but I can imagine doing them through your video works. It is a great thing for you to share your “highlights” with us all. We know there are the challenges in between too. Molly, you write well. You capture the mountains and the experience. And your film editors coordinate so well with the background music. A great 10 minutes.

  2. Itay Seith 4 years ago

    Thank you for the inspiration. I have purchased a Scotsman Scott trailer… it has an ac unit installed by the prior owner, a gasoline/propane generator we installed, and looking to add the 2 solar kits 400 (800) or possibly the 1250. Love the ideas. I never thought to install a combo CO2/Smoke Detector and have looked into the portable incinerator toilet. … alL based upon the what if case of Hurricane preparedness for a wheelchair bound man that nerds to have a CPAP, portable O2 generator, & method to charge the chair. Again thanks for the inspiration.

    • Author
      goalzero 4 years ago

      Glad to help Itay. Keep us posted on the progress with your trailer.

  3. Brianinsocal 4 years ago

    I see there are two solar panels on the roof. How did you convert the wiring to fit the Goal Zero generator? Where were you able to get the plug in to the generator and pig tailed on the other end? Goal Zero does not sell an item for that conversion. They only sell for their panels. Thanks

    • Author
      goalzero 4 years ago

      Everything used for the Tiny House setup (solar panels, cables and battery) is standard Goal Zero gear, available to purchase. If you’re wanting to do something similar get in touch with our support team, they’re great at answering these types of questions and making sure you have everything you need. Call them at 888-794-2650, or email Thanks for reaching out!

      • Brianinsocal 4 years ago

        Okay, Will do. I read in the blog that they used Boulder 90 solar panels and I did not see them listed on your site. I will give a call to the support team.


        • Author
          goalzero 4 years ago

          The Boulder 90s have been used mainly on installations with our ambassadors and sponsorships up to this point, but we’re making them available soon on our website. We’re hoping within a few weeks. Thanks Brian.

  4. Barb 3 years ago

    I am building my own tiny cabin in the front range mountains of Colorado, solar/off-grid.
    I adore your TV show, and am amazed at the ideas ! Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Randy Acker 2 years ago

    Could you please tell me who does the background song, or music for Zack and Molly’s tiny house video .
    Thanks Randy

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