12 Days of Power Giveaway

12 Days of Power Giveaway

The holiday hustle is now drawing to a close. Egg Nog consumption is on the rise and final preparations are being made. The time has come to wrap up our 12 Days of Power Giveaway and announce the winners of the final six days. We want to thank everyone who participated and wish all of you the best this Holiday Season!

To all of you, we raise a glass of our favorite holiday beverage and say “Cheers”!

Day 7: Lighthouse 250

  1. Kasumi Mori
  2. Tonie King
  3. Jeremy Enzweiler
  4. Sherry Elmore
  5. Robert Reid
  6. Jeanette Tyson

Day 8: Nomad 7

  1. Conor Caruth
  2. Tyger Garcia
  3. Tim Ducharme
  4. Stephanie Campbell
  5. Daniel Sellman

Day 9: Switch 8 Solar Kit

  1. Tony Quintus
  2. Samantha Johnson
  3. Charles Terrell
  4. Roy Payne Jr.

Day 10: Guide 10 Plus Kit

  1. Mell West
  2. Devon Weiss
  3. Erica Smith

Day 11: Sherpa 50

  1. Aziza Camacho
  2. Merton Parsons

Day 12: Sherpa 50 Kit

  1. William Tungate

To claim your prize email us at Social@goalzero.com



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