You have probably already pulled out the ugly Santa sweaters, ate too many days of your chocolate countdown calendar, and spent more time shopping than you would like to admit. We hope you’re spending at least some of this Holiday Season adventuring somewhere off the grid. To help you all get in the spirit of the holiday and to help equip you with all of your power needs we are celebrating with 12 Days of Power. We’ve had a ton of entries roll in and we’re happy to announce the winners of the first six days. If you aren’t on the list there is still time! Put down that sugar cookie and submit an entry HERE.

Day 1: Switch 8 Recharger

  1. Shannon Casteel
  2. Josh Manson
  3. Jeanette Hammond
  4. Andrew Bates
  5. Brian Stevenson
  6. Lyndie Morris
  7. Curtis Lu
  8. Tom Beantini
  9. Donna Hay
  10. Jeff Dossin
  11. Laura Hamlyn
  12. Dora Schuster

Day 2: Switch 8 Recharger

  1. Linda Heger
  2. Colton Coyle
  3. Angela Burley
  4. Kara Waldeck
  5. Lisa Sebela
  6. Adam Opitz
  7. Annette Hendricks
  8. Ann Sakolsky
  9. Mary Burns
  10. Gerry Evans
  11. Kimberly Johnson

Day 3: Guide 10 Plus Recharger

  1. Mary Welton
  2. Brian Schwartz
  3. Victor Arellano
  4. Ryan Mcbride
  5. Rob Bray
  6. Richard Caviness
  7. Michaela Bubalo
  8. John Cherney
  9. Stephanie Bates
  10. Hank Mondaca

Day 4: Guide 10 Plus Recharger

  1. Dante Taylor
  2. Steve Smith
  3. Lori Armendariz
  4. Kevin Krawcsuk
  5. Maureen Buchan
  6. Mark Clark
  7. Steven King
  8. Mark Bluth
  9. Basil Tsefrekas

Day 5: Rock Out 2

  1. Pierre Feisthauer
  2. Douglas Campbell
  3. Nicholas Mann
  4. Taylor Reynolds
  5. Rich Kieper
  6. Thomas Robinson
  7. Khoa Huynh
  8. Scott Kirchmann

Day 6: Rock Out 2

  1. Tony Data
  2. Debra Good
  3. Brenden Petersen
  4. Amy Bower
  5. Tom Alt
  6. Patricia Price
  7. Nell Herrington

To claim your prize email us at Social@goalzero.com






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