Rockout 2 Winners


We’ve decide to spread the Rock leading up to the launch of our Brand New Rockout 2 Speaker. We’ll be giving one away on our Facebook Page every day so keep checking back. We will also be doing a few different giveaways on our Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook Saturday 10/5 – Ruben Ramirez

Twitter Saturday 10/5 – Mike Carroll

Facebook Sunday 10/6 – Jonathan Hunt

Facebook Monday 10/7 – Glen Gunnell

Facebook Tuesday 10/8 – Robert Sanders

Facebook Wednesday 10/9 – Kim Forbush

Facebook Thursday 10/10 – Debra Holloway

Facebook Friday 10/11 – Delano Jennings

Facebook Saturday 10/12 – Dylan Connole

Facebook Sunday 10/13 – Doug Churchill

Facebook Tuesday 10/15 – Kenyon Scheid

Twitter Tuesday 10/15 – Mike Carroll

Instagram Tuesday 10/16 – Scott Fisher

Didn’t win won? Pick one up here.

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  1. Scott way 3 years ago

    I want one

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