Camping During the School Year

Is a family camp out possible even after the school year has begun?



Family camp outs are the quickest way to bond as a family but as the school year ramps up chances of getting out quickly are overshadowed by homework, bedtimes and sport practices.

Fall is a perfect time to get out and enjoy what this season has to offer. Here in the West, the cooler weather allows you to comfortably desert camp in areas you would never go to in the heat of the summer. Lounge among the red rocks of Moab or miss the crowds of National Parks.


In Yellowstone National Park the abundant wildlife are more active in cooler weather so the chances of capturing that once in a lifetime photo may be a reality.


But how can you possibly carve out camping time during this time of year? It does take a bit of advance planning, but look at your school calendar ahead of time and usually you will find a fall break falls right about now and allows you easily to hit the trails for a few days.

A favorite site to use to reserve that fall campsite is . So get out there and enjoy those fall colors! Just don’t forget the portable solar power.



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