Adopt a Yeti WINNERS!

We are excited to announce happy new homes for the Yeti Solar Generators!

yetiGrand Prize
Yeti 1250, 4 Boulder 30 Solar Panels, Solar Tripod, 3 Light-a-Life LED Lights
Scott Strafford

Second Place
Yeti 400, 2 Boulder 30 Solar Panels, 2 Light-a-Life LED Lights
Frank Seigler

Third Place 
Yet 150, 1 Boulder 30 Solar Panel, 1 Light-a-Life LED Light
Jennifer Langille

Congratulations to the winners and welcome to the Solar Life! Didn’t win? Check out our solar products and keep an eye out for more giveaways.

1 Comment

  1. Frank 1 year ago

    Eek, I haven’t ever seen a giveaway when looking at your site.
    Guess I will pay more attention.


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