Solar Power Every Hour Winners

Thank you GZnation for entering the Solar Power Every Hour giveaway in celebration of National Solar Day!

Although June 21st is also National Skateboarding Day, National Flip Flop Day, the Summer Solstice and a lot of birthdays, we like to celebrate the sun and the glorious renewable power it provides us.

Here’s a quick fact you may not know, the earth is hit with 44 quadrillion watts of power a year! As a comparison, a large electric power plant produces about 1 billion (1 x 109) watts of power. It would take 44 million such power plants to equal the energy coming from the sun!

So in celebration of the amazing power of the sun, we are giving away 24 Nomad 7 Solar Panels for every hour yesterday (June 21st).

The winners are

12AM: Jennifer Happel Karvetski

1AM: Rich Kolb

2AM: Darci Heser Brown

3AM: Tina McElhattan

4AM: Richard Carter

5AM: Sandra Davis Skaggs

6AM: Nathan Kern

7AM: Christopher Tait

8AM: Jimmy Bostic

9AM: Gary Hatch

10AM: Valarie Carrick

11AM: Vicki Bell

12PM: Felina Jo Maris

1PM: Wes Heverley

2PM: Keith Payne

3PM: Jonathan Brandau

4PM: Victoria Kaula’aihawane Atwood

5PM: Kevin Arnesen

6PM: Darrin Burnham

7PM: Jordan Parker

8PM: Brian Aiken

9PM: Lance Andersen

10PM: Jerry Paquet

11PM: Lex Watterson

Winners will be receiving an email in the next 4 days with directions on how to receive your Nomad 7 Solar Panel.

Congratulations to all the Solar an Hour winners and thanks to all those that entered.

Check out how you can attach your Nomad 7 Solar Panel to your backpack so you can capture the sun while living the #SolarLife.


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