1. Solar power is not as expensive as you think.
The sun is free! All you need is a way to collect the powerful rays and a place to store the energy. We can think of a few solutions.

2. Solar power is not just for rooftops and calculators.
Solar power can be used to power all kinds of devices, from laptops, smart phones, fridges, CPAP, diabetes and other medical devices.  Solar comes in many portable sizes, for pockets, backpacks, on bikes and cars.


3. Solar power is fast!
In good sun conditions, the Nomad 7 Solar Panel will charge your iPhone just as fast as if you were to plug it into the wall. No outlets on the beach- no problem!

4. Solar panels are easy to use.
Instant power. Goal Zero solar panels come with built-in cables that plug in seamlessly with Goal Zero batteries, USB devices, and 12V devices. All you have to do is plug in and open up into the sun!

5. Solar is good for the soul.
Using Solar means no loud gas generators or dangerous fumes. It also allows you to live life off the grid.

6. Don’t buy integrated solar products.
Avoid buying products that have batteries and solar panels built into the same unit. Solar panels love heat, but heat is the arch arch adversary to batteries – heat destroys batteries.

7. Solar panels are durable.

8. Solar power is just plain awesome! Plug into the sun and you’ll be asking yourself- what is that funny face shaped thing on my wall?