Have you ever thought about entering unknown raging waters on the other side of the planet? Yeah, us either.
4 women. 3 Countries. 4,400 kilometers. 1 Free Flowing River.

The project:
Nobody’s River is a documentary expedition on one of the world’s greatest and least known free flowing rivers, the Amur. The goal of the project is to travel, document, and collect data on this incredible river from its remote Mongolian headwaters near the birthplace of Genghis Khan, across the vastness of the Russian Far East, to the Pacific Ocean Delta.

The Team:
Adventurers, Scientists, Photographers, Life-Lovers and Water-Worshipers – Wild places are their homes, free flowing waters are their passion and we are their community. They are four wild women with a love for exploration and enough sass and grit to survive decades of misadventures.

“When I strip away the layers of ego, fear, ambition and any physical objectives, I understand that our Amur River journey, like all other external journeys, is ultimately about the inward ride. We go to live the questions our hearts ask of us.” -Amber Valenti

We’re stoked to be a part of such an amazing adventure.

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