Bug-Out-Bag-home First of all, what is a bug-out bag? Also known as a go bag, this is what will get you through the next 24-72 hours after an emergency or disaster; Like a Zombie outbreak or the expiration of the doomsday clock.

How do you know what to put in the bag? Supplies need to help you stay warm, dry, hydrated, eat, not get lost, and protect yourself. Each bag will be different than the next depending on the person or family.

Recommended items:
dry packed food
water bottle/water
water purifier
pocket knife
Nomad 7 Solar Panel
Guide 10 Plus AA/AAA battery pack
waterproof matches
Rechargeable flash light
multi tool
first aid kit
baby wipes
medications/pain killers
battery operated or hand crank radio
duct tape
hygiene items
glow sticks
emergency contact phone numbers

The list above does not represent every item that should go in your bag, and may exclude some essentials specifically for you or your family. A bug-out bag for your family may include things like toys, diapers, Game Boy, baby food, extra clothes, deck of cards, extra pacifier,  etc.

Why is it important to own a bug out bag? Well hopefully you’ll never need it, but in the case of an emergency where you need to flea your home, car, or your city, packing essential safety and survival gear is the last thing on your mind but the most important. Disasters happen; be prepared.

*Tip: Communication during a disaster or emergency is essential. Text, don’t call. This will keep the phone towers from jamming and shutting down. Be sure and stay charged with the Guide 10 Plus Adventure kit.

What else would you put in your bug out bag?


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