leatherman giveaway
The ultimate utility giveaway with Leatherman, LEDlenser, and Goal Zero. And what would the ultimate utility kit be without duct tape? The tool that does everything, tape that fixes anything, the headlamp that lights everywhere, and portable reliable power that has your back. What more do you need? Use the ultimate utility kit when you’re under the house, re-roofing the garage, or any manly task between.  The kit fits great in a purse or backpack when doing less manly things, too.

Recommended uses for duct tape:
-Waterproof stuff
-Add racing stripes to your car
-Hold batteries in a remote control
-Attach the Nomad 7 Solar Panel anywhere (car top, house-top, tree, or anywhere there’s sun)

Recommended uses for a Leatherman Tool:
-Fixin’ stuff
-Protect yourself from urban warewolves
-Act out Macgyver
-Carve sticks into spears

Recommended uses for LED Lenser head lamp:
-Light your way out of the deep forrest
-Keep the light powered up with the Nomad 7 Solar Panel
-Work late into the night
-Explore where no man has explored before

Recommended uses for Solar Charging kit:
-Charge your GoPro
-Use Nomad 7 Solar Panel as shelter from hail storms
-Keep your phone alive
-Attach to your backpack

Click here to Enter and win
Leatherman Charge TTI 
LED lenser h14r headlamp 
Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit
Roll of Duct Tape 

P.S. The more you share, the better chances you have at winning!


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