The Sunniest City in America

Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest city in America and receives an average of 4,133 hours of beautiful Sunlight every year. Here’s a table for the total power you could capture from each of our Portable Solar Panels in Yuma*.

Nomad 3.5 : 14465 watt-hours
Nomad 7 : 28931 watt-hours
Nomad 13 : 53729 watt-hours
Nomad 27 : 111591 watt-hours
Boulder 15 : 61995 watt-hours
Boulder 30 : 123990 watt-hours
Boulder 90 : 371970 watt-hours

*Based on perfect conditions (No clouds or particles in the air)

What would you you power with all that sunlight?


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