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This weeks blog post comes from Mike, a member of the GZnation and Facebook fan from Ontario, Canada. Read about how his Guide 10 Plus has become a part of his every day life.

“I first ran across the Guide 10 Plus in a local sporting goods shop, and on the heels of Hurricane Sandy, I picked up the kit as a way to keep my family prepared in an emergency. Little did I know my Guide 10 Plus would become an essential everyday accessory.
I’m always out on the go, taking video and surfing the web on my iPod and iPad. In the past, I have always had to limit my usage to make sure I never ran out of battery power. Whenever I’m seeing an amazing band, it sucks that I have to limit myself to only a couple 20-second clips. I’m literally at the mercy of the outlets.
Enter the Guide 10 Plus and I now have the power to keep my gear charged up to last all day and night, even when I’m taking tons of video and surfing the web. It’s like the Holy Grail of an iDevice. Add with a Nomad Solar Panel, I have limitless power on the go.

But it’s so much more than an iPod charger. I have since converted all my AA and AAA operated devices to Guide 10 Plus rechargeable batteries. Radios, electric toothbrushes and headlamps – all solar powered by Goal Zero.
It’s cool and reassuring to know that I have a proven, tested, reliably way to keep my phone, lights and sounds going should the power ever go out – or not! Subsequently, I also bought a Guide 10 Plus for my wife, who uses hers just as much as I do.
Christmas shopping is going to be easy this year. Everyone I know will be getting a Guide 10 Plus!”

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When charging your Guide 10 plus from solar:
-Wipe off the solar array of any collected dust or residue
-Place solar panel in direct sunlight
-Use the supercharge cable rather than USB
-Leave in sunlight for 2-4 Hours for 1 complete charge

When charging a device from your Guide 10 Plus:
-Make sure the Guide 10 Plus is full, will show a solid green light
-Use the USB cable provided by the the devices manufacturer (i.e. iPhone USB cord or Android USB cord)
-Turn off the guide 10 Plus once your device is fully charged to save some juice for another time.

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