We love hearing what you think of our gear and what it allows you to do. Today’s blog comes from GZ Facebook Fan Travis, from Seattle, Washington.

“Recharging dead electronics in the back country can mean the difference between saving a life and losing a friend. My Guide 10 Plus is a lifesaver.”

“A few weeks back, some good friends and I took a long anticipated snowmobile trip to the Lake Anne area below Mt. Stewart in Washington. The day started out smooth, with all of us enjoying the ride up, soaking up the cool Mountain air, and playing in the 18 inches of perfect powder that fell night before. We were in powder heaven.
About 25 miles in to our ride, a few sleds separated from the group to enjoy the steep hillsides covered in fresh powder. We were all equipped with radios for communication in case of emergency so we thought nothing of it. I always set mine to scan mode in case any other riders in the area get in trouble; this setting always seems to quickly drain my battery.
After a couple hours of play, two people in my group wrecked and needed to be towed back to the base. Half of them headed back while the rest of us waited for the sleds that had separated from the group earlier. We waited and waited. A couple hours passed and still no sign of them.
My buddy spotted tracks over Puke Point and Saddle Ridge. We followed their tracks for a few miles and stopped when we heard some broken calls coming through our radios. I noticed then, that our radios were almost completely dead. Talk about panic – it would take us hours to find the lost group without radios and there was a storm moving through.
I remembered I had strapped my Guide 10 Plus to my pack that morning to see how it would charge in the snow. I was stoked to find the batteries fully charged even though my Nomad 7 was partially covered in snow. I plugged my radio into the Guide 10 Plus and was able to hear the lost group’s call for help.
By the time we found them, their sleds were buried in deep, deep snow. They were stuck in a dead-end drainage of endless untouched powder. With the storm that had moved through, they were nearly impossible to see; who knows how long we would have been looking for them if our radios had died. It took a couple hours, but the guys were dug out and we had made it safely back to our trucks.
The beer we drank when we got back to the local watering hole was the best tasting brew that has ever touched my lips! I hate to think what could have happened to my friends if I hadn’t brought along my Guide 10 Plus.”

Thanks Travis for your incredible story! If you’d like to see your story featured in an upcoming blog, send it to us at social@goalzero.com


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