Winter is still waiting

If you’ve spent all winter hibernating in your living room, you’re missing out on some serious fun. Don’t fret, there’s still time to experience this frosty wonderland in all its glory.

The perfect mix of steamy & freezing is found in natures hot tubs. Sitting in these hot pools of water as snow falls on the trees in front of you is majestic; not something to miss out on. Saturnia, Tuscany, also known as ‘spa town’ would be the ideal location for a dip. Though, finding a local hot pot is easy with a little internet searching. Bathing suits in February, not just for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you’re an animal lover, this one’s for you- dog sledding tours! These husky pups will pull you around the snow covered trails while you enjoy the scenery and winter wildlife. The best places for dog sledding include Fairbanks, Alaska and Lake Tahoe, California.

For fun with the entire family, try sledding and tubing in Leavenworth Washington. Leavenworth is a cute little winter wonderland full of fun activities for kids of all ages, even the adult ones . If you haven’t taken a ride down a fluffy white slope yet this season, grab your tube or sled and do it! Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa after the slippery snow slide.

If you’d rather not use gravity to travel over the snow, cross-country skiing is for you. What better place to cross-country ski and snow shoe than the two-time host of the winter Olympic games; Lake Placid, New York. The scenery is breath taking and the city offers ample trails for all experience levels.

Looking for something a little higher on the adventure Richter scale? Yellowstone National Park offers some amazing ice caves that you can easily navigate with or without a guide. The world down under the earth is full of surprises. Although cave exploration, known as spelunking, is a year-round activity, winter is the only time to catch a glimpse of beautiful ice formations.

Each season offers a little something different than the next. Don’t miss out on what winter has in store for you this year.
What is your favorite winter activity?!
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