Filming Locations You’d Love

Hollywood knows how to pick a location for outdoor adventures, and several films have the audience thinking “I wish I could go there.” We looked at some of the top grossing films of last year and picked a few that had drool worthy exploration.

Take a look:

SkyFallVarda Bridge
James Bond films aren’t afraid to pick stellar scenery for stunts. In the beginning of the film, SkyFall features Bond going in and out of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar filled with market stalls. In the dangerous train scene, the filmmakers chose the Varda Bridge outside of Adana, Turkey. If you want to take a trip to the secluded mountains in Glencoe, Scotland, Bond was also featured there.

The HobbitEarnslaw Burn
For a hike around middle earth, The Hobbit filmmakers chose numerous majestic locations. For unbeatable mountains to climb and hike, The Hobbit featured Earnslaw Burn, a valley in Glenorchy, New Zealand with waterfalls and melting glaciers. For crystal-clear waters and white rocks, the movie showcased the Pelorus River in New Zealand that could be perfect for kayaking.

The Bourne LegacyEl Nido
When a director claims that one of his locations is the most beautiful places he’s been too, we’re intrigued. In this prequel, the movie ends near El Nido, Palawan. The cliffs, white sand beaches, waterfalls and caves made this island in the Phillipines also a pit stop on the show The Amazing Race. The island offers diving and snorkeling.

Snow White and the Huntsman Wales
For dramatic landscapes and seascapes, this film took us to Wales. If you want wild beaches, Wales is top notch. Because the location is popular, filming the movie here proved challenging. After a bit of research, it seems the best times to consider some R&R would be June or September.

Safe HouseCape Town
The majority of Safe House was filmed in Washington D.C., but we were intrigued with the beginning of the film in South Africa. The film kick starts in Cape Town where plenty of people can choose a number of adventures to pursue. Here, people can surf, paraglide, hike and even go shark cage diving.

Although we love a good action packed movie, we imagine the audience would love to take a trip to the filming location more. Tell us if you’ve had the pleasure of visiting any of these locations or other hot spots for major films.

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  1. Sabrina 2 years ago

    I haven’t been to the Philippines yet but the image makes me want to go there. It seems that there are pretty nice beaches, remote areas and many islands – probably similar as in Vietnam or Thailand. I have been this year to Cape Town and loved it. Even from the ground the scenery is the most amazing I have ever seen for a city. Maybe only Rio can top it. The good thing is that Cape Town is pretty cheap with the Rand being falling so much. I took English lessons with Ailola Cape Town for some weeks and paid one third – one half less compared to Australia or the US. I don’t understand why Cape Town isn’t chosen more often to take movies. A James Bond movie in Africa would be something new.

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