Solar Power Disaster Relief for Hurricane Sandy

Solar Power Disaster Relief for Hurricane Sandy
hurricane sandy

You Buy One, We Give One.

As the rest of the world watches the devastating results of Hurricane Sandy, we at Goal Zero are jumping to action. Over the last 24 hours, we’ve spent our time boxing up solar power recharging kits and filling an Interide semi truck to help repower the east coast. And thanks to our amazing partners at Team Rubicon, several Goal Zero employees are flying out to join relief efforts on the ground.

And now we’re calling on Goal Zero Nation.

Over the next 15 days, we’re implementing “You Buy One, We Give One.” Every purchase you make from our online store at, we will match the dollar amount and give that same amount in relief aid in the form of Goal Zero product. You’ll be a direct contributor to restoring power, reconnecting families, and running critical life-saving equipment on the east coast.

We believe in empowering people everywhere – whether that’s helping you live a life untethered, or giving life-saving power to those most in need.

It’s time to be a power of good.


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