Executive Post: 50,000 Miles in 50 Days

This blog post was written by Bart Miller, vice president of sales at Goal Zero.

Why are you all huddled around any tiny available power outlet at the airport? It is the middle of summer and you are on vacation with your family at some cool spot where you love to get away from everyday life.

Tablet. Check. iPod. Check. Head phones. Check. Phone. Check. Portable game system. Check. All of these gadgets make traveling awesome. But to have a truly great travel experience, you have to liberate yourself from the power plug and take portable power with you!

Bart at the Eiffel Tower.

I just returned from trips to Japan, Australia, UK, France, and Germany (that’s the 50,000 miles in 50 days), where I worked to set up offices and put Goal Zero products in retail stores. Goal Zero is expanding its business into some very cool countries around the world. Many wonderful people are helping out with these efforts.

I know, the life of a sales exec in a start-up business sounds tough, right. We have to make our power products available to everyone so that personal travel experiences can improve. Getting power is a problem for people at every airport and train station I end up in around the world, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

What is a traveler to do to solve their power woes? I always pack my Guide 10 Plus and Nomad 7 with me, everywhere I go, to keep my phone and iPad powered. My phone of choice is the iPhone 4S, which needs a recharge at 2 p.m. every day, as much as I use it. My Guide 10 Plus charges reliably every time.

Goal Zero’s new Sherpa 50 recharger is a game changer for the vacationer and business traveler. I just got the opportunity to take a sample Sherpa 50 with me for the first time on my recent trip to Europe and it changed my life. The Sherpa only weighs one pound, so it is hardly noticeable in my carry-on bag. With ten times the power storage capacity of Guide 10 Plus, I recharged my laptop, phone, and iPad every day and didn’t have to worry about outlets or power adapters as I moved from country to country.

Talk about living life untethered. The Sherpa 50 recharging kit allows you to power your gear from the sun with convenient power anywhere. It is an awesome feeling to walk right by the power outlet at the airport, rather than hoping and praying that you find a plug available when you reach that dreaded, “your battery is almost dead,” warning from your device.

Happy travels everyone!


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